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Watch: US YouTube star takes on ‘killer grill’ food challenge in Wolverhampton

Randy Santel stopped in Wolverhampton on his UK tour.

The foodie champion, who has just under 1.5million YouTube subscribers, went to Jack’s Cafe & Bar, Fredrick Street, to take on the ‘killer grill’.

He was joined by fellow pro-eater and Brummie, Leah Shutkever, who holds 27 Guinness World Record titles. She also has 334,000 YouTube subscribers and 236,000 Instagram followers.

You might think that having a “professional eater” title isn’t so bad, but after seeing what the contestants were up against, they might reconsider.

Together, the gourmands had only one hour to devour 30 chicken wings, 16 pieces of chicken breast, 16 chicken appetizers, 24 fish pakora and six lamb skewers. If that wasn’t enough, they also had to put away a mountain of fries, two naan and a bit of salad to balance it all out.

They completed the challenge in half an hour.

The dish contains 9,000 calories in total, which a Jacks spokesperson described as “a walk in the park” for contestants. Normally the meat feast will cost the challenger £50, but if successful they receive the meal for free and a certificate.

Randy enjoyed his time in Wolverhampton and hopes to be back: “We went to Wolverhampton just for the challenge but were able to see the area from our vehicle there and back. I’ve been to Walsall a few times the past few years and it looks the same, it’s good there were so many people who came from the area to watch and support Jack’s and us which was great, and it was a packed and really fun event I hope to be back in the future if we find another challenge.

“The food at Jack’s last night was great too, I really enjoyed all the meats they cooked for us as part of the ‘killer grill’ challenge.

Randy Santel from USA and Leah Shutkever from Birmingham, UK.

“We are next in South Wales. We have a loaded burger and chip challenge in Port Talbot tonight and then a Welsh breakfast sandwich in Bridgend tomorrow.”

The competitive eater also likes to stay in shape and sightsee: “During these long tours, we sometimes go to gyms, but my main form of exercise is visiting the different cities, towns and villages that we visit. I try to get at least 20,000 steps a day when possible This trip ends on September 20, then I’ll be off the food challenges for the rest of the year to diet and lose the weight I’m on have taken so far.

“Our next big trip will be to Australia to start 2023.”

Randy has completed over 1,000 food challenges and yesterday marked his return to the region for the first time since 2016, when he completed challenges at Bear Grill in Stafford and Dave’s Cafe in Walsall.

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