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The new Pupa Mediterranean grill restaurant has opened in Manchester


Discover charcoal-smoked meats, fish and an exciting list of ancient wines from the Pupa vineyard

A new Mediterranean steakhouse has just opened in the North Quarter, bringing an exciting mix of charcoal-smoked meats and vintage wines to the former Solita burger site.

Called Pupa Restaurant, it celebrates a full range of European flavors: serving plates of grilled halloumi, mixed meats and grilled whole fish accompanied by a carefully chosen wine list, many of which are prepared by its owner’s uncles in Albania. .

Opened by Armando Pupa, a 27-year-old chef who has worked for a number of different restaurants in and around the city, the eponymous site offers its own signature wine list with a choice of four different vintages: Puls i Arte i Beratit , Serina Red, Dodona Red and Serina Pink.

Each comes with its own recommended pairing. The Puls i Arte i Beratit is a white, perfect with raw and grilled seafood or white meat, while the red Dodona, a blend of three different grape varieties, goes best with ham, grilled chicken and Red meat.

Image: Le Manc eats
Image: Le Manc eats

Elsewhere, a more comprehensive wine list sits alongside a solid selection of classic and signature cocktails, beers and soft drinks – but the main draw here has to be the vintages, all imported from a family-run winery of the same name in Berat, Albania. .

On the menu, you’ll find a large grill section with various marinated skewers, tender lamb cutlets, premium cuts of steak and plump king prawns covered in spicy garlic and herb butter, with sides like fries, salad and rice, all served separately.

Elsewhere, a list of light starters including calamari, mixed olives and homemade croquettes stuffed with cheese and bacon promise to set up your meal perfectly, before finishing with desserts like creme brulee, cheesecake, mousse salted caramel and chocolate cake.

Image: Le Manc eats
Image: Le Manc eats

Along with a list of savory Mediterranean plates, diners will also find a list of towering dirty burgers and gigantic sharing plates, with melt-in-your-mouth meats that have been marinated for hours before going over the specially constructed charcoal grill. of the restaurant. grill.

Located just off the beaten path in the North Quarter, one row behind the always busy Thomas Street. under its new owner, Pupa breathes new life into a site that has stood empty for years.

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With huge planks of Spanish chorizo, chicken and lamb skewers, chicken wings, Mediterranean rice, Greek salad and charred vegetables that are sure to appeal to large groups of diners, it certainly brings something a little different to this corner of town.

Image: Le Manc eats

Having already been open for a month, this Friday, October 7, the restaurant is organizing a launch party to meet its new neighbors in the North Quarter.

From 5pm, Pupa will open for a break which will see the team handing out complimentary glasses of prosecco on arrival, along with a range of tempting Mediterranean plates and desserts.

Staff will also be handing out 10% food and drink vouchers which will be valid until the end of November.

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Pupa is open seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. For more information and to book, visit the restaurant’s website here.

Featured image – Le Manc eats


The man who left the Sikh leader for dead, then calmly went for a pint, imprisoned

daisy jackson
daisy jackson

A man who wantonly attacked a Sikh leader in broad daylight in the northern quarter, leaving him for dead, has been imprisoned.

Claudio Campos, 28, of Ladybarn Lane, pleaded guilty to the assault of Avtar Singh, 62, and was jailed for three years.

Avtar was taken to hospital after the June 23 attack, where he remains to this day, receiving treatment for a life-altering brain injury.

His family described him as a ‘really brilliant, sweet and kind human being’

Terrifying new CCTV has emerged that shows Campos calmly walking away from the victim’s lifeless body.

Manchester Crown Court heard on October 6 that Avtar was returning from work along Tib Street when Campos hit him hard on the head.

He lay unconscious in the middle of the road until a passerby called an ambulance.

A CCTV call from GMP led to Campos’ arrest, where he eventually admitted to the assault.

Claudio Campo was imprisoned following the attack on a Sikh leader. Credit: GMP

Detective Inspector Mark Astbury, of GMPs City of Manchester CID, said: ‘This was a horrific attack by a much-loved family member and community leader which has shocked the public to their core .

“I hope today’s verdict brings relief to Mr Singh’s family that the person who harmed her husband and father has now faced justice and will be sent to prison.

“I would like to thank the public for their assistance in our investigation and our thoughts are very much with Mr Singh, we hope he can return home soon.”

Avtar’s family prepared the following heartbreaking words: “When our father arrived in this country more than 30 years ago, he never imagined that he would be subjected to such a heinous attack that left him bedridden and in the hospital for as long as he was.

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“As a family we are truly heartbroken and still struggling to come to terms with the reality of his future and the truth behind this crime.

“He did nothing to deserve this situation where he permanently damaged his eyesight and lost all mobility on his right side.

“Although we will never find the strong and powerful man, who is the light of our lives, we are satisfied with the result rendered by the court today.

“Avtar is a truly brilliant, gentle and kind human being who has spent his entire life caring for everyone around him. He is a wonderful father, hardworking husband and the most amazing priest who has served the communities from generation to generation.

“This attack not only left a bleeding wound in our hearts, it scarred an entire community that knew he was the man he was and is no longer.

“We are grateful for the support people have continued to give and the justice Greater Manchester Police have sought for our family.

“Sadly, our fight does not end today as we continue to watch Avtar fight to regain a quality of life that will allow him to recover. We now know that we will never feel as safe as we once thought. walking around Manchester city center as this situation was as brutal as it was brutal.

“Our father came to this country to work hard and teach others to preach kindness and overcome any hatred in their hearts. It’s such a shame that this person left an old man for dead in the middle of the street.

“The law fought part of our battle today, but we can never replenish the strength and happiness that our father was so incredibly built on.”

Featured Image: BPF


14% of Brits masturbate during working hours, new study finds

Danny Jones
Danny Jones

masturbating at work

In news we wish we never heard 14% of people in the UK masturbate during working hours because we’re all animals at the end of the day and some of us just can’t control our impulses.

According research conducted by Chemist4U, around 7.4 million Britons indulged during working hours. Work from Home (WFH) has surely given that number a boost.

The extrapolated figure is based on a survey of 2,000 people, with more than a fifth of men (22%) confessing and 7% of women admitting to indulging in cheeky times alone.

In addition, 18% of respondents said they had watched pornography at work and London was found to be the city most prone to having fun (16%).

Don’t joke, you’re better than that…mancs are better than that, the numbers said it…

More seriously, while the WFH culture that covid spawned has definitely made it easier, we really don’t want to know how many are doing it in the office (yes, we do).

Incredibly, in 2021, a study by a bathroom supplier found that one in 20 people have also masturbated in the shower in the workplace.

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Incidentally, there was also a correlation between the highest earners and those who masturbated the most, with 31% of those in the £35,001-£45,000 salary bracket admitting to regularly enjoying some “time out”. for me “.

Time isn’t the only thing on their hands, apparently.

We’re not pointing fingers – you know who you are – all we’re saying is pack your bags and get back to work, you cheeky assholes.

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Featured Image – Wikimedia Commons

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