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The new Pupa Mediterranean grill restaurant has opened in Manchester


Discover charcoal-smoked meats, fish and an exciting list of ancient wines from the Pupa vineyard

A new Mediterranean steakhouse has just opened in the North Quarter, bringing an exciting mix of charcoal-smoked meats and vintage wines to the former Solita burger site.

Called Pupa Restaurant, it celebrates a full range of European flavors: serving plates of grilled halloumi, mixed meats and grilled whole fish accompanied by a carefully chosen wine list, many of which are prepared by its owner’s uncles in Albania. .

Opened by Armando Pupa, a 27-year-old chef who has worked for a number of different restaurants in and around the city, the eponymous site offers its own signature wine list with a choice of four different vintages: Puls i Arte i Beratit , Serina Red, Dodona Red and Serina Pink.

Each comes with its own recommended pairing. The Puls i Arte i Beratit is a white, perfect with raw and grilled seafood or white meat, while the red Dodona, a blend of three different grape varieties, goes best with ham, grilled chicken and Red meat.

Image: Le Manc eats
Image: Le Manc eats

Elsewhere, a more comprehensive wine list sits alongside a solid selection of classic and signature cocktails, beers and soft drinks – but the main draw here has to be the vintages, all imported from a family-run winery of the same name in Berat, Albania. .

On the menu, you’ll find a large grill section with various marinated skewers, tender lamb cutlets, premium cuts of steak and plump king prawns covered in spicy garlic and herb butter, with sides like fries, salad and rice, all served separately.

Elsewhere, a list of light starters including calamari, mixed olives and homemade croquettes stuffed with cheese and bacon promise to set up your meal perfectly, before finishing with desserts like creme brulee, cheesecake, mousse salted caramel and chocolate cake.

Image: Le Manc eats
Image: Le Manc eats

Along with a list of savory Mediterranean plates, diners will also find a list of towering dirty burgers and gigantic sharing plates, with melt-in-your-mouth meats that have been marinated for hours before going over the specially constructed charcoal grill. of the restaurant. grill.

Located just off the beaten path in the North Quarter, one row behind the always busy Thomas Street. under its new owner, Pupa breathes new life into a site that has stood empty for years.

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With huge planks of Spanish chorizo, chicken and lamb skewers, chicken wings, Mediterranean rice, Greek salad and charred vegetables that are sure to appeal to large groups of diners, it certainly brings something a little different to this corner of town.

Image: Le Manc eats

Having already been open for a month, this Friday, October 7, the restaurant is organizing a launch party to meet its new neighbors in the North Quarter.

From 5pm, Pupa will open for a break which will see the team handing out complimentary glasses of prosecco on arrival, along with a range of tempting Mediterranean plates and desserts.

Staff will also be handing out 10% food and drink vouchers which will be valid until the end of November.

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Pupa is open seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. For more information and to book, visit the restaurant’s website here.

Featured image – Le Manc eats


Wrexham AFC star Paul Mullin banned from wearing ‘F*** the Tories!’ boots

Danny Jones
Danny Jones

Paul Mullin F the Tories Boots

Wrexham AFC star Paul Mullin has been banned from wearing a pair of personalized football boots bearing the phrase “F*** the Tories!”.

The 27-year-old Scouse-born striker shared a picture of his latest pair of custom boots on his social media and caused a stir afterwards.

The boots themselves are designed by a company called Zebra Customspresent a silhouette of the liverpool skyline and a nod to local artist Jamie Webster’s song “This Place,” which has become a cult anthem for the city.

Following the online reaction, Wrexham released a statement confirming that they “will not be worn” in their next game against Halifax Town on Tuesday night, their next game against Altrincham FC this weekend, or indeed all future games.

Despite banning him from wearing the sporty fashion pieces, the club say they maintain a “neutral stance on many politically charged issues” and have challenged images taken at Racehorse Ground without their permission, as it simply would not have been granted.

Additionally, the club noted that it could not support Mullin’s “individual view” given “the fact that the MP for the constituency in which the club is located is a Conservative headquarters.”

Anyone who watched the Welcome to Wrexham The documentary series which follows Hollywood celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s first year as owners of the historic Welsh club will get to know Mullin, who signed for a then-record fee and scored 28 goals in all compositions last season.

The Litherland lad played a key role in Wrexham’s 21/22 campaign as they chased down National League leaders and Greater Manchester club Stockport County, who finally lifted the trophy and return to the English Football League after 11 years.

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As for Wrexham, this year is their 13th consecutive season outside the THE F and although Mullin already have 11 goals and one assist in 14 games, they are second only to Notts County so far.

The club are keen to put the situation to bed, calling it an ‘unwelcome distraction’ but insisting that despite the No10’s efforts to pursue the No10, he will continue to play ‘an important role’ in their quest for promotion.

Mullin is yet to post a response after the club action and we dare say that if we do get one it will be just as provocative as the boots themselves.

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Featured image — Paul Mullin (via Instagram)


Greater Manchester Police set to bulldoze parts of Manchester’s infamous ‘counterfeit street’

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are set to take a drastic step to destroy a ‘national crime magnet’ by bulldozing parts of the infamous ‘Counterfeit Street’.

After decades of repeated raids to seize tons of counterfeit clothing and goods worth tens of millions of pounds, police have confirmed that buildings on Bury New Road in the Strangeways area Manchester must be closed, compulsorily bought, and then flattened – for good.

This is all part of a new operation known as “Operation Vulcan”.

Operation Vulcan sets out to shut down stores selling counterfeit clothing, perfume, tobacco and toys that are seen as a front for serious crimes, and comes after GMP has already established that 33 organized crime gangs from across the United Kingdom have links with the Cheetham Hill Region.

The region is also known to have links to illegal immigration, modern slavery, human trafficking and women forced to work as sex workers.

Police say the gangs also have links to mass money laundering, guns, drugs, and more.

But now the region’s reputation is on the way to a makeover as GMP has to work with Manchester City Council and other organizations to provide “a permanent solution”.

“This comes directly from our chief of police. He has described Cheetham Hill as a criminally hostile place and he is not prepared to have that in his area of ​​strength,’ said Detective Superintendent Neil Blackwood, who leads Operation Vulcan. Manchester Evening News.

“Counterfeiting has been around for a very long time, but the crime has shifted to prescription drugs [and] people exploited sexually and for their work, and illegal immigration – a microcosm of criminality.

When asked if Operation Vulcan would eventually see the demolition of buildings used for the sale of counterfeits and other crimes in the area, DS Blackwood confirmed this in the works.

“We are probably in the position to clear, hold, build. Clear it and hold it so no one comes back and then the gift of its Manchester City Council to offer in terms of rebuilding. Most of these buildings will end up at the end of a bulldozer. Most unrecoverable, as they have been cut and modified.

“There was a lack of consistency – we’re here one day not the next, and that’s when our boss recognized that was a problem, so we’ll be there every day.

“I have more patience than them.”

This is all part of a new operation known as “Operation Vulcan” / Credit: GMP

DS Blackwood said the purpose of Operation Vulcan is not only to shut down the counterfeit street, but also to pursue multiple lawsuits for other major offenses.

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“He has to feel safe, he has to be for the law-abiding community,” DS Blackwood said.

“We’ll do whatever it takes – arrest people for drug dealing, if they have premises – which a lot of them do – we’ll take it away from them and shut it down.”

Featured Image – BPF

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