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Inside the new bar and grill restaurant that “brings the States to Bolton”

Huge hot dogs, TVs showing American sports and ‘moonshine’ cocktails will be the order of the day as a brand new bar and restaurant opens in central Bolton.

51Fifty officially opens its doors this weekend (December 4) at the former Blind Tiger site in Nelson Square.

Co-owner Chris Walker promises it will look like “nothing else” currently in town and has admitted its theme is unabashedly inspired by American culture.

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Talk to Manchester Evening News, Before the bar launched, Chris said: “The idea behind this is something that I have wanted to do for years and years.

51Fifty is in the former Blind Tiger venue in Nelson Square

“I spent quite a bit of time in the States, but due to the restrictions I couldn’t get over it… so I just thought about bringing it here.

“There is nothing like it here.

“Here we only have pubs and restaurants, there everything is combined with music, televisions with sports.”

Inside the site there are a large number of televisions showing sports such as American football and ice hockey. There’s also a game room on the upper level, with pool tables, fruit machines, and a pinball machine.

Its decor includes motorcycles and a mix of country and rap music played through the speakers.

The owners’ sense of humor also shines through with messages around the bar such as “no great story begins with someone eating a salad”

“A few people who passed by came over and said it looked great,” Chris added.

The decor of the place includes motorcycles

“We don’t want it to be completely perfect. We like it to be a little offbeat. We love to laugh. We want it to have that dive bar feel.

“We have a late license, but we’ll stay open as long as people go through the doors and have fun.”

In addition to foot-long hot dogs, the menu includes burgers, nachos, wings and tater tots.

Desserts include lime pie and churros, while cocktails are made with “moonshine,” a type of alcohol named after alcohol sold illegally during the Prohibition era.

Speaking more about the menu, Chris said, “Our chef is really good and he’s spent a lot of time in the US He knows the presentation and feel of food.

Menu includes foot-long hot dogs, burgers and chicken wings

“The hot dogs here are usually full of bullshit, but over there they actually use beef and they are more red in color. They are also ridiculously big.

“The burgers we have are not American, but they won awards and the wing sauces are imported from the United States.”

It wasn’t easy for Chris and his business partner Brett Bortoft.

After taking over the venue in March 2021, they initially planned for a June opening date, but that had to be pushed back as the scale of the renovation became clear to them.

The bar on the ground floor of 51Fifty

“This place came up and we talked about it over a few beers and we just thought ‘shit’ let’s give it a try,” Chris said.

“There was no roof, there was four feet of water in the cellar, you could even tell from the outside that it was gloomy.

“Me and Brett sat down with the owner and they were behind our vision. They have been very good to us.

“We just hope it’s a place where people can come and have a good time.”

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