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REVIEW: Paradise Garden Grill – Food & Wine Festival 2019 at Disney California Adventure

It’s that magical time of year again when the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival returns. Paradise Garden Grill once again has a special menu just for the festival.

Paradise Garden Grill

Beer-battered cod with steak fries and spicy remoulade – $ 11.99

paradise garden grill dca food and wine festival 2019

Once again, this dish remains one of our favorites. The fish and chips were as good as the last two years. Coleslaw was a vinegar based variety again, which we loved. The remoulade is the same this year and it’s very good. It’s a great side dish for fish, and super tasty when you dip the fries in it.

Impossible No “Meat” Ball Submarine with Marinara Sauce topped with Soy Cheese and Served with Kettle Chips – $ 11.99

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

This menu item is back for the second year in a row and it’s still delicious. It’s hard for us to believe it’s meatless because it tastes like a real meatball. Again we thought they must have mixed up the meatballs from the Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta next door. It is a great option for vegetarian eaters. The kettle chips were still a bit plain and poor like last year.

Beer-braised pork tacos with marinated apple, black bean and queso salad – $ 12.99

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

Again, this dish is not our favorite on the festival menu at Paradise Garden Grill. Pork tacos are great, but probably won’t be a fan favorite. We hate to say it, but it’s still the weakest item on the menu and we were disappointed to see it come back.

Buffalo roasted turkey leg with celery salad and crumbled blue cheese – $ 12.49

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

It was a nice addition to the menu this year. The turkey thigh itself was a bit dry and didn’t taste like the turkey thighs offered in carts throughout the resort. We didn’t like the blue cheese, however, we loved the rest of the toppings. The celery salad was very tasty and added freshness to the dry turkey. This leg was huge and a bit hard so a fork and knife are needed to eat this.

Large Soft Pretzel with Beer and Cheese Dip Sauce – $ 7.99

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

The pretzel is back! And while it’s nothing super exciting, it’s pretty good. We liked it again this year, especially the spicy mustard that accompanies it. Overall a good deal if you are looking for a snack.

Black Forest Parfait with layers of chocolate cake, vanilla whipped cream, chocolate mousse and cherries – $ 5.99

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

paradise garden grill dca food anad wine festival 2019

This new dessert was a good choice. The flavors of vanilla, chocolate and cherry blend very well together. The cake was slightly dry, but the vanilla mousse and whipped cream made up for it. It’s a bit small for the price, but we really enjoyed it.

Matanzas Creek, Sauvignon Blanc-Fume Blanc, Sonoma County, Nielson Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County – $ 9.00

Nielson Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County – $ 11.00

‘Ōlelo Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles – $ 9.00

Deschutes Brewery, Pacific Wonderland, Lager, Oregon – $ 9.50

Sudwerk Brewing Co., Märzen, Amber Lager, David – $ 9.50

The menu offers one red wine and one white wine, which is ideal for wine lovers. But we don’t see how wine would pair with anything other than dessert. However, the two beers pair very well with the other dishes on the menu.

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