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Rack ‘n Grill food truck owner RocoMamas solves the’ Smash Burger ‘stalemate

Through IOL journalist Apr 21, 2021

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Cape Town – The standoff between CBD catering truck company Rack ‘n Grill and RocoMamas has been resolved.

The Spur Group, which owns RocoMamas, was accused last week of corporate intimidation tactics after ordering chef and food truck owner Muammer Kasu last Wednesday to change the name of his “Smash Burger” because they own it. registered “Smash Burger” brand.

After meeting RocoMamas yesterday, Kasu posted on Twitter: “We haven’t had a chance to say that we have met Rocomama today and that we have fixed the issue.

“We have decided, among other things, to share in due course, that I will continue to use the name Smash Burger on my menu and advertising. “

Spur Group spokesman Moshe Apleni said RocoMamas management contacted Kasu to set up a meeting and find an amicable solution.

Kasu said Cape Town Voices this morning: “The meeting went very well. There are just a few finer details which we will confirm with them this morning before issuing a press release. We also explored other ways to collaborate (orate). ”

Kasu said End24 Monday that while he would have been happy to drop the name of the product under better circumstances, the “bullying” of RocoMamas – “the premise that they want to bully little guys” – prompted him to hold on its ground for small and medium enterprises and informal enterprises.

He told the Cape Town Hours On Sunday, he had been overwhelmed with support after local restaurant owners rallied around him.

“We would never have imagined or considered such support from the local industry. He has indeed restored my faith in humanity. It really shows that the people of Cape Town can come together, ”Kasu said.

“I just decided, that’s enough now. This is nothing new for these big companies who prey on small businesses in this way …

“Our entrepreneurs must be supported. I am willing to do whatever I can to protect small business and I may not have the resources to do it legally, but I will fight because I want to do my part to help our little guys who are intimidated by this way.

As fires raged at Table Mountain on Monday, Rack ‘n Grill made a goodwill gesture to UCT students forced to evacuate their residences, offering them a free burger and bottled water.


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