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Palm Springs – restaurants | 600 is the magic number for daily additions to the grill menu

VIDEO: Watch Daily Grill chef Brian Rushton prepare Jidori Pan-Crisp Chicken and talk about three new selections from the expanded “600 calories or less” menu.

Since its initial launch in 2012, Daily Grill’s 600-calorie lunch and dinner dishes have become increasingly popular with diners.

Palm Desert is one of the Southern California-based locations that will test nine new menu items that will be phased in to coincide with the seasons. The philosophy of the redesigned menu items is consistent with the idea that eating well doesn’t mean having to sacrifice tasty food. Recipes are made from scratch everyday and attention to fresh ingredients is key.

“I don’t buy food. I buy ingredients. Everything is freshly prepared on the menu, ”says CEO Brian Rushton of Daily Grill Restaurants, which has 17 locations in the United States.

Salmon is sustainably supplied based on availability at different times of the year. Wild salmon from the Northwestern United States takes center stage in this healthy preparation of green tea poaching liquid. It is served with organic jasmine rice for a nutty side to soak up the fragrant broth.

The menu includes a wide variety of offerings for salad lovers. Fresh vegetables and grains such as quinoa and jasmine rice are offered to cater for those sensitive to gluten.

“It’s important to provide people with options that follow current food trends,” says Chef Rushton. “Customers want healthy, low-calorie preparations that are always full of flavor. He tests new menu items and listens to customer feedback on what items to launch on a larger scale.

This natural, hormone-free chicken breast is not injected with water or additives and ships direct from the farm. The bone-in cut is pan-fried and then roasted in the oven over high heat to make the skin crisp and maintain a succulent and tender interior.

Health conscious customers can expect more options to be added and replaced on a seasonal basis. Items like the smoked chicken chili are in the works to be presented as more hearty dishes for the winter. Stop for lunch or dinner for a tasty foray into low-calorie dining options.

Daily Grill, 73061 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260. 760-779-9911;

Lori Cohen-Sanford is a private / personal chef, cooking class instructor and owner of Nourishfoods Organic Meal Services Tastes around town will appear weekly on Wednesday. Follow her on Twitter @nourishfoodsps.

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