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Intimate New Steakhouse Coming to Freight Island This Spring

Escape to Freight Island Food Market will soon see a new selection of traders, featuring local favorites as well as national food heroes.

Carnaval, a new concept of collaboration with Richard Turner, is one of those that will be talked about for sure.

Richard is co-founder of some of the best steakhouses in the country including Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue Co, Blacklock and Meatopia Festival.

Carnival will take over the grill from what used to be Baratxuri this spring – and we got a glimpse of what to expect.

The new indoor restaurant will offer a “Front Row Seat” tasting menu, in an intimate setting with bar seating for just 10-12 people around the grill.

Separated by a curtain, it will provide an intimate space to enjoy a range of dishes ranging from charcoal-grilled vegetables and fresh Cornish fish to huge steaks to share.

But it’s not all about the grill.

We started our sample tasting menu with delicious crispy fried churros sprinkled with aged Parmesan cheese and lightly browned, juicy scampi.

The first asparagus of the new season has been charred by the grill, the tender green spears topped with an aillade of hazelnuts, a simple classic French condiment adding a glorious rich hazelnut.

Grilled calamari was accompanied by arugula and kosho, a lightly spiced Japanese chili paste with floral notes, while a homemade crumpet was topped with sweet, fatty and deeply flavorful braised pork head meat formed into a patty.

Fresh, meaty mackerel fillets were blackened by the grill, served with apples and tamarind, with a potato salad providing a kick of freshness.

Using the finest meat from a single producing farm, Carnival’s meat menu highlights will include fine cuts of premium ribs, sirloin steak and sirloin steak.

We tried a selection, the vast sharing cuts beautifully seared on the grill and sliced ​​to reveal a perfectly rosy interior.

Juicy and intensely beefy, the steak is as good as you’d expect from Richard, coming from his own meat merchants Turner & George.

And the sides don’t disappoint either.

The insides of the baked potatoes were scooped out and mashed with dripping beef before being put back in the skin. Then they were loaded with slow braised ox cheeks and tails. It’s heavenly.

Even the carrots are grilled, deftly intensifying the flavor, while the onions have been decadently stuffed with sausage.

The pudding, meanwhile, is a classic: a rich, sweet caramel pudding made with love and care – and a dollop of clotted cream.

It’s an accomplished menu and gives a taste of what to expect from the new venture.

If you just fancy a steak, you can also order it in Freight Island, although the bar seats are reserved for the full tasting menu.

Carnival may be one of Manchester’s most intimate restaurants, but it’s destined to become a favorite in town.

We can’t wait.

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