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Heart Attack Grill menu items, ranked from worst to best

Discover the Octuple Bypass with eight pancakes. According to Burger Reviews, this monstrosity is 1.5 feet tall, weighs 4 pounds, and contains 20,000 calories. If you feel like it, you can also add bacon to each layer (40 slices total) to boost the calories even more.

Needless to say it’s too much. Sure, it’s fun to fantasize about eating a burger that big, but is it possible for a person to eat it all at once? For competitive eater Matt Stonie, that wasn’t a problem. He ate that burger in just 4 minutes and 10 seconds, according to Vital Vegas.

But what does a burger taste like with eight patties? Well, just like a burger with a patty…just stepped up. It might be a lot of fun digging with friends, but these burgers aren’t meant to be ordered and shared at the table. In fact, there is a rule printed on the menu that forbids it.

One Yelp Reviewer described the burgers as a “salt bomb”. The same reviewer said the technique of cooking the patties could also use a bit of work, writing, “They were cooked well, but surprisingly didn’t have a great sear.” If you fancy getting a lot of attention – the restaurant cheers when an eightfold bypass comes out of the kitchen – go for it. But if you fancy a really good big burger, you can skip that.

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