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Exciting New Indian Grill Restaurant Paragon Grills and Curries Opens at Winning Post in Tamworth

A new Indian steakhouse opens in Tamworth.

Paragon Grills and Curries, featuring two grill chefs and a curry chef from popular restaurants in Walsall and Wolverhampton, will replace The Royal Balti restaurant at The Winning Post in Argyle Street, Amington.

The Royal Balti will close on Saturday January 8th and the kitchen will remain closed until Paragon Grills and Curries opens on Sunday January 16th.

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In the new menu, entrees include paneer tikka, onion bhaji, chicken tikka, wings, sheesh kebab, lamb chops, pakora and more.

A small grill has chicken wings, chicken tikka and sheesh kebab, a medium grill also has some with lamb chops while the large grill has the four pluses of pakora fish and a Paragon grill also has chicken pakora .

A post on the pub’s Facebook page read: “I want to let you know that The Royal Balti restaurant will close on Saturday January 8th, we wish Ali and his family good luck and thank him for his two years at The Winning Post.

“The kitchen will remain closed until Sunday, January 16 for the work to be done by the new chefs. The new restaurant is called Paragon Grills and Curries, we have two grill chefs and a curry chef coming to the Winning Post.”

Winning Post owner Lisa Finlay told Birmingham Live: “Ali from the Royal Balti is from Walsall and talked to people about leaving the Winning Post, he introduced me to three chefs – one curry chef and two heads of Grills that come from popular pubs / grill restaurants in Walsall and Wolverhampton.

“I had heard how good the grilling was, as I know a lot of people who travel for their food, so I was delighted that they were interested in taking the kitchen.

“We don’t have anything like that in Tamworth, people have to go to Birmingham or Walsall for grills, so why not do it here?” Reservations have started to flow, I’m in heaven.

“The kitchen will be closed from January 9 to 16 because there is work to be done. I am fortunate to have plenty of seating to give customers a different dining experience. We have the expandable outdoor tent area with plenty of seating for alfresco dining in the warmer months, the newly renovated restaurant and also the bar so plenty of room for everyone. Great food and great beer, what more could you ask for?

“I want to thank Ali and wish his family all the best and thank him for staying with me during the pandemic by continuing to make take out while I was closed. I hope Paragon Grills and Curries has the same success at The Winning Post.

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