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Chef Khatri launches new Asian Grill menu at The Market

Culinary Director, Chef Vikram Khatri prepares for the launch of his new wood-fired oven-inspired menu, bringing them to the kitchens of Market Restaurant, The Westin, Pune. The Market – an innovative restaurant true to Westin’s Eat Well philosophy. Each live kitchen has a unique identity and a dining area in the outlet’s modern design, featuring dishes made from home-grown herbs and micro-vegetables.

To showcase his Asian culinary skills, chef Vikram Khatri has created a new limited-edition Asian Grill menu prepared in the wood-fired oven. The menu makes optimal use of the freshest and best seasonal products, to prepare deliciously hot dishes, not fried, but which give off a fascinating woody scent. Nose to plate, this menu is filled with nourishing and vibrant plates that everyone can happily partake of by the alfresco area that offers serene views of the river, especially during the chilly cold winters. So, as the Japanese say Itadakimasu!

The wood-fired oven used to prepare the menu is constructed as an enclosed fireclay oven with wood inside to radiate heat for cooking, creating an intriguing aroma of wood smoke with every meal. The oven is quite similar to an Italian oven, except that it is used to cook delicate ingredients such as fish, seafood, meat and vegetables in a single cast iron pan. The platter is then topped with a tablecloth, a rich sauce or glaze, and served sizzling. The main advantage of the oven is that it cooks quickly, locking in all the juices and nutrients, while using very little or no oil because everything is wood grilled.

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