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After 6 Years Blacktop Grill Cart Goes Brick and Mortar | Entertainment

“At one point it just didn’t make sense for me to work there anymore,” Ceniceros said. “I wanted to be my own boss.

Ceniceros bought a food cart and initially chose hot dogs as his main cuisine of choice.

“Hot dogs were a comfort food that I knew and a comfort food with endless possibilities for creativity,” he said.

Ceniceros relished the experimentation.

“We had to try 155 different hot dog combinations in the first two years,” he said. “We tried things like a peanut butter and jelly hot dog. It did not work.

Finally, Ceniceros identified a selection of dogs that he now offers on a seasonal rotation. He also touches flat breads and quesadillas.

The Elotero dog turned out to be his biggest hit, winning the best hot dog nod at the Wurst Festival Ever hot dog festival in Phoenix, 2018. Blacktop again won the award in 2019 for his dog. from Shanghai.

Ceniceros spent its early days serving its creations outside of Dragoon Brewing Company on West Grant Road, which at the time was also starting up.

“They were a small lobby when they started,” Ceniceros said. “It was the start of the brewery boom. We have been with them throughout the years and have seen them expand. It was motivating to see that. “

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