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A look inside the new “real jewel in the crown” Turkish steakhouse Anatolia in Beverley

A brand new Turkish meze and grill restaurant has opened in Beverley Wednesday Market.

The cool place, named Anatolia, is “necessary” in Beverley; it is the first Turkish cuisine restaurant to come to the city.

The Beverley Company officially opened on Thursday, November 18 and saw VIP guests greeted with Turkish delicacies before enjoying a three-course meal.

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Owner Ali Tekge said: “We bring Turkish meze food to Beverley, we felt the town needed it.

“It’s amazing to finally open the restaurant, we are the only grill restaurant in Beverley. A lot of Brits have been to Turkey, they know the food and the flavors.

“Everyone who came to the open event is very special guests – they all looked happy and had a great time.

“I encourage anyone who is considering getting into the hospitality industry to do so, the business world is starting to improve from where it was recently.”

The mayor gave a brief opening speech for the event and wished the restaurant every success before the start of the meals and celebrations.

Beverley Mayor Linda Johnson said: “This will be a great addition to Beverley’s vibrant food scene.

“It’s a very different offering from what already exists in this end of Beverley and it shows that the area around Wednesday’s market is going to be doing very well.

“We also have a growing coffee culture in Beverley so with that too it will be great to see the people of the town having fun outside soon.

“The number of empty stores in Beverley is comparatively fewer than elsewhere, our economy is booming. This is the latest of some of the amazing places that are now on offer here.”

Kerri Harold, ERYC and Cllr portfolio holder from Minster and Woodmansey, said: “This will be a great addition to Beverley and the nightlife economy.

“It’s something different and it will become a real jewel in the crown of the city.”

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